Confession: here at évolis® we are dry shampoo addicts. Perhaps not so surprising since one of our hero products is a game-changing dry shampoo. A cleaner alternative to others on the market, the évolis® Professional Style + Treat Dry Shampoo contains hair and scalp fortifying botanicals and antioxidants. The paraben-free, non-comedogenic formula won’t clog pores, but will instantly refresh hair, soaking up excess oils and providing boosted volume and cool texture. How could we not be obsessed?

Dry shampoo, is the ultimate holiday hair styler. From saving time to creating sexy texture and salon-worthy volume, this one product is all you need for easy holiday hair. And here at évolis® we’ve discovered everyone has their own special technique for using dry shampoo. 

Read on to discover how the évolis® team apply their Style + Treat Dry Shampoo and steal some tips for your own holiday routine.

The bend and brush
“When I want big, boosted volume I bend over and flip my hair forwards spraying the dry shampoo 15-20 cm away from my head. While upside down, I use a brush to work the product through then turn my head back upright.” – Maria, CEO and founder

The quick fix
“I use the évolis Professional dry shampoo to give my short, cropped hair a zhoosh when it’s flat and misbehaving. I lift my hair up in sections, specifically where I want fullness, then spray near the roots and comb through – it smells great too!” – Carolyn, Business Development Director

The gym-hair reviver
“To refresh sweaty hair after a workout, I spritz the damp strands around my hairline and neckline. Using my fingers, I massage the product through then leave my hair for 10 minutes to let the dry shampoo soak up excess oils. With a blow-dryer and a round brush I quickly blast the sections where I applied the product. This completely refreshes, cleanses and restyles my hair.” – Bettina, Content Specialist 

The flip and tousle
“I call it The Little Mermaid manoeuvre. I tip my head, flipping my hair forward then spray all around my hair. I toss my head upright and do a final spray to the top layers. Using my fingers, I fluff, tousle, and work the product through. And Voila! Maximum volume!” – Shiela, Sales Support Officer

The beauty sleeper
“Before bed I spritz sections of my hair with dry shampoo then brush it through. While I sleep, the Style + Treat works its magic mopping up oils, and I wake up to fresh hair.” – Trish, Global Marketing Director 

The texturiser
“I use my évolis Professional dry shampoo as a styling product. I apply it to clean, dry hair spraying at my mid-lengths and ends before styling with a hot tool. It gives my hair great grip and hold as well as volume and texture.” – Mia, Graphic Designer

Regardless of your chosen method, a word to the wise:

  • Always shake the bottle thoroughly to ensure the formula is blended perfectly
  • Hold the can at least 15-20cm away to ensure good coverage of your hair and no excess application to any one area
  • Apply as needed, but ensure you fit in a regular scalp cleanse with your favourite évolis Professional shampoo
  • Apply more product to cleanse, less to style

Try your hand at these application tricks with your very own évolis® Professional Style + Treat Dry Shampoo!