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    Since using this product my hair is fuller and softer. Definitely fewer hairs in the brush. product itself is easy to apply and leaves no residue. Even my niece who has never commented on my appearance commented on how good my hair looked the other night. No irritation to the scalp. In fact seems to have resolved my flaky scalp issues. Haven’t been using long enough to comment on the regaining of hair but am optimistic as the science behind the product looks impressive. From Pharmacy Online

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    Product Reviews

    I can honestly say that my hair is thicker to look at and to touch. It is not a huge difference but enough for me to notice along with my hair dresser. I notice the change in thickness more when my hair is out compared to when it is up and it does appear even more thicker and fuller when I blow dry my hair. The shampoo itself is great to use, smells beautiful and lathers so easily. I always washed my hair twice because I use dry shampoo for my extremely oily hair. I have used other products in the past recommended by my hairdresser for thicker/fuller hair and none of them have ever worked. Evolis is a product that definitely does and I will definitely be continuing to use it as my regular shampoo. From Beauty Heaven

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    I've been using this product, with the matching shampoo for approximately two months, and been very impressed with the results. My hormonal hair loss issue has significantly slowed down, and I'm now sporting a head of hair that is healthier, stronger, thicker & in a greatly improved condition. This is a product that really does deliver on what it promises. I highly recommend the Evolis hair loss treatment to women who have hair thinning, or hair loss due to hormonal changes. It literally is a life-changing, outstanding product that is easy to incorporate into daily routine & reap the benefits from. This will now have a permanent place in my bathroom! From Beauty Heaven

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12 Weeks to Beautiful Growing Hair

Enjoy a stress free solution and regain your confidence in weeks when applying évolis that takes less than 30 seconds per application. No residue, fragrance free and no effect on styling. Apply and grow. Try our Active Pack with FREE Shampoo.

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4 years of hair loss, my journey to better hair

After purchasing évolis I didn’t expect the product to work for me. After three months of use my hairdresser noticed a lot of new hairs coming out. I was so impressed we bought the company.

Did you know? A Survey of 1,000 women revealed

- 35% of women are concerned because their hair is thinning
- 47% of women haven’t sought help because they didn’t think anyone could offer any solution
- 1 in 3 women feel they are suffering from hair thinning or are losing their hair, which has a negative impact on their self-esteem, self-perception and confidence

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