7 ways to use a hair mask

7 ways to use a hair mask

A bad hair day can be easily overcome with a quick spritz of dry shampoo. But have you ever had a bad hair week, where your hair looks dull and flat, and no matter how much you attack it with styling tools and sprays, it just won’t play nice? Sound familiar? You need to treat your hair to a mask ASAP.

In fact, if you colour your hair, use smoothing treatments like keratin, style with hot tools, swim in pools or at the beach, spend time outdoors in the sunshine (that’s likely to be everyone) you should be giving back to your hair weekly via a good quality, restorative hair mask.

Hair masks are supercharged conditioners that instantly transform hair– you can expect boosted shine and silky-softness after one application. When applied regularly, a good quality hair mask works overtime to increase hair health, quality, strength, and manageability (hello, hair goals!).

With their innovative, multi-use formulations and natural botanical ingredients, the new évolis® Professional Treatment Masks can do all the above, and so much more. The PROMOTE Mask deeply conditions dry and damaged strands for hair that grows stronger and longer. While the REVERSE Mask gives ageing, brittle or lackluster hair a power shot of health, youth and shine.

Beyond brilliant, transformative results, évolis® Professional masks are uniquely versatile making them easy to work into your weekly, or even daily, routine. Both the REVERSE and PROMOTE masks can be applied on wet or dry, clean or dirty hair and even utilised as styling products. Read on for the many ways you can apply the new évolis® Professional masks and still reap all the hair-loving benefits.

Apply it the regular way
While there’s nothing regular about évolis® Professional masks, they can be applied in the same way as most mask formulas: combed through washed, towel dried hair, left on for 10 minutes, and then rinsed out with cool or lukewarm water.

Apply as a night mask for an intense conditioning treatment
Make use of those REM hours and sleep in a hair mask to intensify the results. évolis® Professional masks can be applied to dry, damp, clean or dirty hair, combed through then left to work their magic overnight. In the morning either shampoo (if applied to unwashed hair) or rinse out (if applied to clean hair) to reveal luscious, hydrated, and silky strands. What’s more, the cutting-edge formula dries in the hair so you can sleep easy knowing the product won’t transfer to your pillowcase.

Create definition with a mask that doubles as a curl cream
Curly girls and guys can scrunch a small amount of the PROMOTE Mask (the more richly hydrating of the two formulas) into damp hair to detangle, define, and keep curls tight and in place, while also treating them to rich moisture. Like all évolis® Professional products, the hair masks are colour safe meaning you can wear them in your hair worry-free for up to 48 hours, as actress Yara Shahidi cleverly discovered.

Apply as a pre-wash treatment for salon-worthy shine
Supercharge your cleansing routine with a pre-wash treatment mask. Before showering apply an évolis® Professional mask to dry, dirty hair and comb through. Leave the treatment in for 20 minutes (go to the gym, take a walk, watch an episode of Emily In Paris) then hit the shower and shampoo and condition as usual. Your hair will be glossier, softer, and much more manageable.

Swap a mask with your regular conditioner for a quick fix
Short on time? You can still give your strands some TLC. The quickest way to boost hair health is to swap your regular conditioner for a hair mask. Apply after shampooing, leave it on for three minutes then rinse out.

Apply as sculpting styler for men
As the game-changing évolis® Professional formulas dry down and set in the hair they produce impressive hold. Men or women with short styles can apply a small amount (slightly more than your regular pomade) of either of the masks in place of a traditional styling gel or paste to create sculpted looks that secretly enrich the hair as you wear.

Use it as heat protectant
Our hair masks also help to protect your strands from heat tools. Simply apply a small pea sized amount and work through evenly through the hair. Our masks help to distribute heat slowly to your hair so it doesn't heat up too quickly causing brittleness and strands that are prone to breakage. 

Try the new évolis® Professional REVERSE Treatment Hair Mask and PROMOTE Treatment Hair Mask now!