Shield your hair from the outdoors

Shield your hair from the outdoors
We’ve heard about the importance of sun protection and that you should be applying daily SPF sunscreen to keep your skin safe from damaging rays on a daily-basis. But what many people don’t know about sun protection is that application shouldn’t just stop at the hairline.


Your scalp, along with your hair, are both at risk of sun and environmental damage. Your hair colour fades from simple exposure to the sun and your strands become dry and brittle as a result. Your scalp, whilst it may be covered mostly by hair, is still at risk of skin cancer and is often more sensitive than regular skin, becoming dry and flaky with excess exposure.

Think of your hair like a piece of fruit; The skin is like the hair cuticle, protecting each strand from the sun and other environmental damage. Once this skin gets damaged, the inside will begin to suffer as it has lost its protection on the outside.

Love the outdoors?
If you’ve got an outdoorsy spring/summer planned (and care about preserving your hair health), then protection is a must.


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Our new little gem shields hair from sun damage, protecting hair colour, all whilst maintaining condition and hydration. It has been formulated with an exclusive blend of botanical ingredients for optimum hair health and is suitable for all hair types and colours.

Whatever your colour…
On brunettes, the sun can bring unwanted warmth to the hair. On blondes, the sun can make the colour fade faster and create problematic dryness. Even those of you who do not colour your hair aren’t off the hook… uncoloured hair still damages and breaks down from exposure to the sun, pollution and chlorine, making your hair cuticle rough, dull and unmanageable.


Oh, and if you find yourself reaching for the nearest hair mask after a day at the beach, évolis White is the ideal repair solution to bring your locks back to their best.

Its time to think about the health of your hair today, for healthier hair tomorrow!