4 superfoods for healthy hair

4 superfoods for healthy hair
It’s no secret that superfoods are great for the mind and body. But there is also a selection of superfoods that are ideal for growing and maintaining healthy hair. You’ve heard of the saying you are what you eat… well, let’s just say – it’s not far from the truth!


With nutrients eaten absorbing straight into the body including your hair, the superfoods listed below will help you get that healthy mane you’ve been longing for.

Check out our top 4 picks for healthy, nutritious and delicious superfoods that will give your hair strength and vitality from the inside out.

  • Chia Seeds
    Full of essential omega-3 fatty acids that have many important functions in the human body, chia seeds are the ideal addition to smoothies, breakfast bowls, salads and so much more. Soak them over night or for a few hours and enjoy the flavour and texture of this unique superfood.
  • Salmon
    Chock-full of hair-growing biotin, salmon will keep your locks hydrated and looking luscious. Add salmon to your menu twice a week and infuse your body with strand-smoothing fats that are also great for brain and heart function.
  • Goji Berries
    These magical little berries from China are making appearances when we learn more and more about nutritional science and holistic beauty. These tart little berries contain a myriad of trace minerals that are rich in vitamin C and create the collagen necessary for hair growth.
  • Eggs
    Hair is made up of a protein called keratin. For better hair growth and texture, you should consume a generous amount of protein, and eggs are the ideal vessel. Eggs contain high quality protein as well as biotin and B vitamins that improve overall scalp health. Consume one egg daily for the protein hit your hair will thank you for.
What do you eat that has direct impact on your hair health?