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  • Understanding Alopecia

    26th Feb 2019

    Understanding Alopecia

    Did You Know?Alopecia, aka the medical term for hair loss, is a problem that will affect most men and up to 50% of women within their lifetime.No matter your background, race or gender, it is likely t…

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  • Hair Fall: Myths vs Facts

    19th Dec 2018

    Hair Fall: Myths vs Facts

    If you’re starting to see clumps of hair in the shower drain, it’s not hard to start freaking out a little. After all, hair is a large part of your identity and nobody wants to suffer from hair loss a…

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  • Oh Baby! What Happened to my Hair?

    12th Sep 2018

    Oh Baby! What Happened to my Hair?

    Nothing beats the feeling of having a little newborn in your arms. Sure, the 9 months of discomfort – you could’ve done without them, but those tiny little hands and feet, toothless smiles and inquisi…

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  • Hairstyles that May Cause Balding

    24th Jul 2018

    Hairstyles that May Cause Balding

    Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not too far from the truth. Traction alopecia is a kind of hair loss that occurs after constant and persistent gentle pulling on the roots of your hair. It could o…

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