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2 x 50ml évolis® Women's Hair Growth Tonic + Free Travel Bag
Our women's signature product - Breakthrough FGF5 Technology
Promotes hair growth; Helps reduce hair loss and thinning

A Revolutionary Way to Treat Hair Loss and Thinning. évolis® tonic is the first an only product harnessing the power of FGF5 blocking ingredients to prevent hair fall, and increase hair growth. FGF5 is the key villain in the hair cycle and has been identified as a key component of pattern hair loss by multiple independent large-scale genetic studies.

By harnessing natural FGF5 blocking actives, évolis® restores and extends the growth phase of the hair cycle, can stop hair falling out and keeps hair growing longer, stronger and faster. évolis® has been clinically tested to help reduce hair loss and increase the number of growing hair follicles. 

In a controlled study, évolis® users reduced hair loss by 82% and increased hair growth by 44% over 4 months*.

Each évolis® tonic is made in Australia to pharmaceutical standards to ensure the highest quality of each product.

*Blinded, placebo-controlled, study of men and women over 16 weeks (Burg et al., 2017).

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How to use:
évolis® Hair Growth Tonic for Men

évolis® tonic is easy to apply, quick drying and does not leave any residue.  

It is recommended that you apply évolis® hair growth tonic twice a day; morning and evening, for a minimum of four months.

How to apply:
Unscrew the self-dosing cap. Place the tip of the dropper close to the affected area on the scalp and gently press the button on the top placing 1-3 drops of évolis to each area.

The dropper should also be moved slowly across the scalp, between the affected areas, while slowly depressing the dropper button.

To ensure maximum effect and for maximum protection of the scalp, distribute the tonic with gentle massage.

As a guide, each application should use 2 or more full droppers to cover all treatment areas and leave a thin coverage across the rest of the scalp.


Avoid contact with eyes. Not suitable for areas of the scalp with open wounds, eczema or inflammation. For external use only. Do not take orally. Contains ethanol, store below 30°C. Keep out of reach of children. Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.




8 Reviews

  • 4
    Naturally enhanced many features of my hair

    Published by Joey, Beautyheaven on 19th Feb 2019

    Ive been using this product twice a day for 1.5 months along side with the shampoo within the same range.
    i noticed it has made a few positive differences to my hair and i feel like the product. Firstly, my hair has definitely looks and feel healthier than before. i have coloured and dull hair, but after using this product, it naturally increased shine. texture of my hair especially my roots become smoother which makes it easier for me to brush my hair without any hair breakage. My hair became fuller, thicker and looked volumised.. Also it is apparent i have been experiencing less hair fall outs. However it claimed that the product would increase hair growth but i have not noticed any difference of my hair's growth.

    Although i am very satisfy with the product, i would definitely recommend this product to someone who suffer from serve hair loss

  • 5
    3rd review - delivers outstanding results

    Published by Linda, Beautyheaven on 19th Feb 2019

    I've been using this product, with the matching shampoo for approximately two months, and been very impressed with the results.

    My hormonal hair loss issue has significantly slowed down, and I'm now sporting a head of hair that is healthier, stronger, thicker & in a greatly improved condition. This is a product that really does deliver on what it promises.

    I highly recommend the Evolis hair loss treatment to women who have hair thinning, or hair loss due to hormonal changes. It literally is a life-changing, outstanding product that is easy to incorporate into daily routine & reap the benefits from. This will now have a permanent place in my bathroom!

  • 4
    3rd review

    Published by Mille, Beautyheaven on 19th Feb 2019

    I have been using this tonic for around two months in conjunction with the shampoo. The tonic ran out really quickly while trying to use it sparingly. (One bottle completely leaked during postage so i only had one) In conjunction with the shampoo i found my hair felt soft, shiny, healthy and thicker. I visually noticed more volume which i love. I didn't really notice a difference in hair loss or growth but that might be due to running out of the tonic before the trial ended. I would recommended to anyone with thining hair and even anyone who is interested in more volume.

  • 4
    I finally see hair growing in my bald spots!

    Published by Mar, Beautyheaven on 19th Feb 2019

    This wonderful product was detailed to me by a med rep, who claimed it worked for him after using it on his thinning and receding hairline for 2 months, he saw improvement in his hair. I was doubtful initially, but since my hair is fast thinning out from constant breakage and hairfall, I decided to tried it.

    It comes in an attractive red metal can and has a pump spray which made application easy and less messy (though the liquid does drip and trickle down the side of my face most of the time ). I love the fact that it is scent free and does not sting my scalp like most hair loss products do. I would apply it morning and evening as recommended and the excess liquid that drips down, I would apply to my eyebrows, esp at the lateral ends which are thinner and sparsier. After almost finishing the the second bottle (2 months later), I did noticed some fine hair growing along my receding hairline. But the most amazing thing is that the patch of bald spot (alopecia) has grown hair stubbles too! Even my eyebrows looked thicker and recently, I noticed that the part which has stopped growing, started to show new hair emerging!!! I am so excited and pleased about this improvement, giving me renewed hope of growing back some of the hair.

    I will definitely continue using this and would recommend the product to friends and patients as well. It does work

  • 5
    LOOOOOOVE it, great results to get thicker hair!

    Published by Alili, Beautyheaven on 19th Feb 2019

    I started using the products around 4 months ago, truth is that I wasn't using the tonic every day when I bought it, but the first month, even using it inconsistently, I started seeing more baby hairs than usual, so I decided to take it seriously and use it every day twice a day. And it worked! I definitely can notice that my hair is growing thicker and fuller, and my hair has more volume every time I use the shampoo.
    So is a must for me nowadays, I should have used it regularly from the very beginning!

  • 5
    Hair regrowth

    Published by Cat, Beautyheaven on 19th Feb 2019

    My hair has always been fine and thin, lacking body. I am going through Menopause now and have noticed spots where I am almost balding.....I am very upset and prepared to try virtually anything to get it growing back again. I recently brought a bottle of Evolis and have been applying it twice per day on those worrying spots...they sent me an Evolis Shampoo also as the initial order got lost in the Australia post. I love the Shampoo, it adds volume. I hope to start seeing results in time and will make sure I come back on this one. Don't give up hope folks....try this stuff it has proven results as Paula Duncan herself uses it and is very pleased.

  • 4
    Works well

    Published by Kirsty, Beautyheaven on 19th Feb 2019

    I have been trialling this tonic for over two months now and can definitely see a difference. My hair used to be really thin especially at the front on either sides of my fringe however after using this spray twice daily in conjunction with the shampoo of the same range I have noticed my hair is much more full and thick. The area where I have been using this spray seems to have kick-started fresh growth as I have a lot of 'baby' hair in these areas. My hair feels about twice as thick as when I started using these products which is a tremendous result. I am really happy with the results and would definitely recommend to anyone with fine or thinning hair.

  • 5
    Who Knew?

    Published by Maria on 19th Feb 2019

    Having reached that time in life when I finally discovered alopecia the shock was so depressing with a head covered in bald spots and a sink full of hair. Friend recommended Evolis so I thought I would give it a try. Firstly I was disappointed as nothing seemed to be happening but after 4 months working with injections to the scalp I am developing new growth albeit it being white but I am happy just to be loosing bald spots instead of creating them. I will wait 8 more months and post an update as to how things went in the long run but at the moment I am very happy indeed.

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