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FGF5 is produced in your scalp, it signals your hair to stop growing

évolis blocks this signal and keeps your hair growing, longer, faster and thicker.


Your hair stops growing because of FGF5

Factors such as stress, hormones, age, pollutants and medication can stop hair growing and cause it to fall out.

Breakthrough scientific studies have proven that FGF5 signals hair to stop growing and leads to it falling out. Essentially, the more FGF5, the more the hair loss.

The FGF5 molecule signals the hair follicles to stop growing by switching off the growth phase (anagen). The hair then releases and falls out.

Block the FGF5 signal and keep your hair growing longer, faster and thicker

The good news? évolis® is the first and only product that blocks FGF5.

évolis® keeps hair follicles in growth phase (anagen) for longer, keeping hair growing.

évolis® blocks FGF5 with certified active botanical extracts, clinically tested to restore your natural hair cycle and increase the number of actively growing hair follicles.

évolis® blocks FGF5 with potent botanical extracts.

Over the last 12 years our scientists at évolis® have isolated active botanical extracts that naturally block FGF5.

évolis® hair growth tonics are formulated with a potent combination of these active extracts and when applied to your scalp block FGF5 and help keep your hair growing.

Clinical studies in men and women using évolis® have demonstrated a 75% reduction in hair loss and a 40% increase in hair growth.


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